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ZepSolar iPhone App

The ZepSolar app is a powerful iPhone app that allows solar cell installers determine, design, and configure the most efficient and practical solar panel arrangement. Filled with features that take advantage of onboard functionality to determine the best angle, orientation, type, and placement of solar panel array.

A myriad of features took advantage of the hardware available on early generation iPhones. Within a simple interface a solar cell installer could calculate and determine roofing slope and orientation, shade cover, roof type and more.

Interactive tools within the app could automatically suggest optimum layout of panels, based on information collected in situ. Installers could quickly incorporate this info to design a solution on site – enabling installers to create an onsite estimates for solar installation projects.

Plus it was purple.

  • DesignBrian C Wilson
  • EngineeringOjingo
  • Date2014

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