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Gary Fisher Sales Buddy

Trek is a bike manufacturer which includes many bike brands: Trek, Gary Fisher, Bontrager, LeMond, and Klein.

Brian developed and designed a wide variety of projects for Trek while at Planet Propaganda, including,,, as well as videos, interactive cds, and video games.

The Gary Fisher Sales Buddies provided educational videos, quizzes, and bespoke video games to mix education and entertainment, informing bike store reps on the features and qualities that make a Fisher a Fisher. Delivered via interactive CDs; because that is what we did back then.

Trek University was a multimedia interactive tour de force built for Trek and Trek sales staff. It featured videos and quizzes, and live hands-on sessions.

The websites,, and, designed and built at Planet Propaganda, featured interactive sections to assist people in finding just the right bike.

If you have Flash installed on your computer, for some reason, you can play Bike Defender 2028. I built in cheat codes to turn your bike into the Batmobile or the truck from Sanford and Sons, but I don't recall what the codes are. Maybe try the Konami code.

  • DesignBrian C Wilson & Nate Theis
  • Game DevelopmentBrian C Wilson
  • Video ProductionNate Theis
  • Date2001 – 2006

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