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TEDConnect App

Brian works with an incredible team at TED to create a best-in-class conference app. The app allows attendees to view the TED conference schedule, venue maps, and live updates. Additionally, attendees can share their location and message other attendees at the conference.

TEDConnect is used by thousands of TED attendees every year with an adoption rate over 92%.

Key Features
• Browse the full list of attendees and speakers
• Message speakers and other attendees
• Create a TED network of new and old friends
• Access the schedule of speaker sessions, community events, parties and other activities
• Check out maps of the venue and surrounding area
• Find other attendees within the event space, and share your whereabouts
• Personalize your account with a bio, photos, and contact information (and adjust who can see it)
• Chat with Gigi, the world's most helpful sock puppet

  • DesignBrian C Wilson
  • EngineeringTED & Bright Mediums
  • IllustratorAmanda Wood
  • Date2013 – 2020

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