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Swimming to San Francisco

Swimming to San Francisco game demo and teaser video was created with Ojingo for John Maccabee. The mobile game encourages visitors and locals to explore San Francisco by retracing the footsteps of the escapees of San Francisco's infamous 1962 Alcatraz prison break.

An interactive demo app and teaser video was created to introduce the project. Brian worked with John Maccabee to storyboard and produce the teaser video. Antonio Sanchez (jazz drummer and composer from the movie Birdman) graciously agreed to let us use his music on the teaser video.

Illustrations from Ohio-based artist Amanda Wood added to the intimate, creative style of the video, posters, and collateral

  • Concept & DirectionJohn Maccabee
  • DesignBrian C Wilson
  • ArtAmanda Wood
  • Director of PhotographyBenji Vuong
  • Video EditorDave Swain
  • MusicAntonio Sanchez
  • Date2015

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