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Sol Explorer iPhone & iPad App

Get a first-person view of the planets and moons of our Solar System. Climb aboard your very own spaceship and explore... Cruise across the entire Solar System – over eight billion miles end to end. Stop and learn about any object you see – moons, planets, and space probes. Over 40 celestial objects in all. Observe Mars, explore the moons of Jupiter, fly through the rings of Saturn, travel to the edge of interstellar space. Fly to the distant edge of the Solar System and look back on Earth.

Watch the Size of the Planets video and get amazing perspective on the planets in our Solar System – then explore some more.

  • DesignBrian C Wilson
  • DevelopmentHeyworks, Inc
  • Product StrategistMarcio Saban
  • Copy EditingTimothy Mueller & Heather Clift
  • Sound DesignJames McCall
  • 3D ModellingDennis Van Roeyen
  • Date2012 – 2014

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