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3D Solar System for Hasbro my3D

With the my3D viewer, you can experience 3D and 360 degrees of entertainment on your iPhone or iPod touch. Brian worked with Ojingo to design the unique interactive environment required to navigate games and content within an early 3D universe. With Ojingo, he designed the flagship app for the product release 360 Sharks and helped launch the platform.

Popular Mechanics put my3D on the cover and my3D was featured on the shelves of Target and other retailers.

3D Solar System lets you pilot your own spaceship and navigate the solar system, all in 3D. Explore and learn about planets, moons, and spacecraft – over 80 celestial objects in all – all in 3D. Pilot your own spaceship, explore the Solar System, and learn about the planets with detailed stats and cross-section graphics. Pilot to moons and asteroids. Fly to distant ends of the Solar System to discover Voyager 1 and 2.

Note: The Google Cardboard 3D viewer has the same diopter arrangement as my3D, so 3D Solar System is compatible with Google Cardboard.

  • DesignBrian C Wilson
  • Engineering Ojingo Labs & Heyworks
  • CopyTim Mueller & Heather Clift
  • DateMay 2012 - January 2016

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