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Arup in London

Arup in London is a walking tour of London and an exploration of the built environment through the lens of Arup's architectural projects. The mobile app connects users to the city and highlights Arup’s overt contribution to the London skyline – as well as less overt contributions hidden within London's streets and parks.

The app maps nearby buildings, and bridges, and projects of interest then suggests walking routes from your location to thirty-two of the most notable skyscrapers and bridges architected by Arup: projects such as The Shard, The Gherkin, The Millennium Bridge, and King's Cross St. Pancras Tube Station.

Once at a location, users can explore the project with construction photography, blueprints, sketches, and interactive 3D renders of the substructures that make the projects icons of the London skyline.

The app promotes good health as well by encouraging walking; tracking distances walked to each project as well as overall milage/ kilometers walked. Users are rewarded with beautiful, iconic badges for each site visited. Badges are designed by Mark Pearsall.

  • DesignBrian C Wilson
  • IllustrationMark Pearsall
  • EngineeringJosh Stephenson & Ojingo
  • Project ManagementArup Foresight & Mark Pearsall
  • Date2016 – 2017

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