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360 Sharks for Hasbro my3D

With the my3D viewer, you can experience 3D and 360 degrees of entertainment on your iPhone or iPod touch. Brian worked with Ojingo to design the unique interactive environment required to navigate games and content within an early 3D universe. Ojingo and Brian designed and built the flagship app for the my3D product release and helped launch the platform.

360 Sharks is a first-person 3D game built for my3D that lets you see the world as a Great White shark. Explore and learn about the creatures of the deep, chase prey, and discover hidden treasures of Shark Island as your shark grows in size and reputation. Level up and unlock Whale Cove, the Rocky Coast, and the shipwreck at the bottom of Fathom Ocean.

The my3D device was on the cover of Popular Mechanics and was featured on the shelves of Target and other retailers.

Note: The Google Cardboard 3D viewer has the same diopter arrangement as my3D, so 3D Solar System is compatible with Google Cardboard.

  • DesignBrian C Wilson
  • EngineeringOjingo
  • Date2012 – 2013

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