Explore the Solar System in 3D

Get a first-person view of the planets and moons of our Solar System. Climb aboard your very own spaceship and explore...

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Travel Over Eight Billion Miles without Leaving Your Seat

Sit tight and fly fast as you traverse the Solar System at faster-than-light speeds. Learn about our nearest and farthest neighbors or just take in the beauty of our home in the stars.

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Sol Explorer is compatible with:

Be sure to have headphones on or turn your volume up. You will also want to be seated in a safe, comfortable environment as the app can be quite mesmerizing. Also be sure to take frequent breaks to avoid eye strain.

If you encounter any issues, please try the following:

  1. Quit the app and try again.
  2. Force quit the app by double-tapping the home button on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Then tap and hold the 3DSolSystem icon that appears at the bottom of the screen until the remove icon appears. Tap the icon again to force quit the app. Tap the home button again and relauch the app.
  3. If the problem persists, contact Customer Support with details of the issue you experience.

If you have any suggestions, please contact Reason Interactive with details.

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